duct silencer

sound attenuator

In ductwork, a device (usually prefabricated) especially designed to provide much greater sound attenuation than would be provided by an equal length of ductwork; the pressure drop through the device is greater than for an equal length of ductwork.
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1 480 m 3 / h, - 201 m 2 straight air ducts, - 220 m 2 air duct fittings, - 223 m spiral folded pipe 100 to 315 mm, - 11 m special round tube 500 mm, - 5 m round tube galvanized 350 mm, - 110 m flexible air ducts 100 to 224 mm with and without insulation, - 23 pieces flow rate controllers, - 8 pieces duct silencer, - 45 pieces of telephony silencers, - 6 pieces pipe silencers, - 16 pieces throttle valves, - 89 pieces ceiling air outlets, - 5 pieces lamella hoods, - 1 piece weather protection grille, - 22 pieces of fire dampers, - 857 m 2 thermal insulation, - 1 piece of circulating air cooling system.
Duct silencer, Approximately 300 m 2 sheet metal channel, Approximately 150 m 2 sheet metal channel - fittings, Approximately 20 m wfr, Galvanized, Up to dn 300, Approximately 300 m 2 closed cell thermal insulation.
Additionally, "fan noise from the air handling equipment can be reduced with fan selection and duct silencers, and structure-borne noise from equipment vibration can be reduced by mounting vibrating equipment on spring isolators made with coiled metal rods or elastomer isolators made of rubber or neoprene," he adds.
Duct silencers were integrated in the rooftop air-handling unit curbs to ensure noise from air-handling systems was addressed before the ductwork entered occupied spaces.
High Temperature Effects on the Insertion Loss of Absorptive Duct Silencers," Canadian Acoustics Journal, Vol.
For corrosive process air pak: 2 process air fans made of polypropylene (pp), 2 exhaust air chimneys made of pe, 2 heat recovery units, 2 duct silencers made of pp, 31 venetian blinds made of pp, 106 throttle valves made of pp, 98 constant volume flow regulators made of pp, Approx 400m round air duct made of pp for solvent-containing process drain pal: An ex-radial fan pal, 1 wrg unit, Stainless steel chimney, 11 variable flow controllers suitable for use in ex zone 2.
40 000 m 3 / h, 2 ventilators, 40 m flexible hoses, 4 duct silencers, dismantling ventilation ducts, 50 m 2 air duct 500 - 2 500 mm edge length, 45 m 2 moldings dto, 70 m air duct round.
Duct parts and accessories (grille, deflector hoods, outside air openings, fire dampers, coil, leaf dampers, VAV volumetric flow controllers, flow limiters, round pipe silencer, duct silencers, roof and wall penetrations)
The work will include the wind tunnel ducting, fan and drive system, in-line heat exchanger (to couple with the building chiller system), turning vanes, duct silencers and necessary honeycomb and screens.
Sheet steel, 110 pieces shut, blind and butterfly valves, 410 piece silencer, round, 115 pieces duct silencers, 425 Plate valves, 190 pieces DrallluftauslEnsse, 320 piece grille 1 050 m of textile outlets DN 2502 000 mA insulation in air lines including fitting proportion, 250 mA Fire protective clothing, ventilation duct.