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The therapeutic washing out of an organ.



a medical procedure used to cleanse mechanically the walls and contents of such tubular organs as the vagina or urethra and surrounding tissues. A lavage may also be performed for therapeutic and preventive medical purposes; in such cases, it is based on the action of a chemical agent or temperature. Warm boiled water or solutions of various medicinal substances are used in the procedure.

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These specimens were reportedly collected for a study initiated by Cytyc Corporation called SEDE, or Serial Evaluation of Ductal Epithelium, to investigate the relationship between the production of nipple aspirate fluid, ductal lavage, and long-term breast health outcomes.
To investigate whether the ductal lavage technique could extract enough cellular material to be useful in the diagnosis and management of lobular neoplasia and to determine the incidence of abnormal lavage findings in patients with the condition, Dr.
Using an outcomes database called the Ductal Lavage Outcomes Tracking System, the investigators identified 31 women with lobular neoplasia who underwent ductal lavage.
The findings put a damper on interest generated several years ago when William Dooley, M.D., and his colleagues found severely atypical cells in ductal lavage specimens from 11 women without any evidence of malignancy and then identified cancers in 4 of these women by biopsy.
The new study examined the association between ductal lavage cytologic findings and histologic findings in women having mastectomy primarily for known cancer.
Ductal lavage has not become a widely accepted practice for many reasons.
Milk ducts were accessible in most of these eligible patients; the success rate for ductal lavage was 90%, Dr.
This two-step approach to obtaining nipple aspirate fluid and offering ductal lavage to those with positive results enables gynecologists to stratify women at high risk for breast cancer.
Key questions about ductal lavage remain unanswered.
Khan knows of at least one cautionary tale involving a patient who underwent mastectomy because her ductal lavage yielded malignant cells, yet the specimen contained no cancer.
The trial results establish ductal lavage using the Pro Duct Health microcatheter as a simple, well-tolerated, safe, and minimally invasive office procedure for cytologic assessment of the milk ducts, where 95% of breast cancers arise, said Dr.
Ductal lavage is a 10- to 20-minute procedure in which breast self-massage is followed by gentle suction to identify fluid-producing ducts.