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Informal an archaeological excavation
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A website that aggregates links and brief descriptions to news articles, videos and podcasts, which are voted on by members who "Digg it!" Founded in 2004, submissions are grouped by topic, and links with the most Diggs move to the home page. A "bury" vote can also be cast if the material is deemed inaccurate or dull, and the site may eventually remove it. When members Digg a particular link, it is kept in their profile page.

In 2012, Digg was sold to three entities. New York technology incubator Betaworks acquired the technology; the Washington Post acquired staff, and LinkedIn obtained patents. In 2016, Gannett partnered with Digg, and two years later, advertiser BuySellAds acquired the company. For more information, visit www.digg.com. See Digg Reader.
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DUG UP: Road surfaces have been ruined in Williamson Street.
And if the improbable rice-paper metropolis and the ethereal street plan traced on the adjacent wall with straight pins and thread (from the series "Porque toda cuidad tiene derecho a Ilamarse Utopia" [Because every city has the right to be called Utopia], 2001) reflect the more urbanisric approach developed in Garaicoa' s project for last year's Documenta, these true-false cities--like the graffitied walls and the gardens of ruins he has been photographing for years, like the monuments he has redesigned with his architectural drawings, like the buried history he literally dug up on the Cuito Cuanavale battlefield--are also palimpsests of memories and dreams, inspired by two elements that know no borders: the precariousness of existence and the force of imagination.
RAWALPINDI, December 08, 2011 (Frontier Star): Residents of areas alongside Misrial road and Range road have voiced dismay over lack of efficiency of the concerned authorities for taking proper steps to address problems facing them due to dug up streets.