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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media streaming device that turns your old dumb TV into a smart one.
CNN branded the Dukes of Hazzard movie "roadkill" and said it was a prime example of a Hollywood habit - "taking a popular, but rather dumb TV show and turning it into a stupid and meaningless film".
If people want to watch so-called dumb TV let them.
Earnest student thesp Claudine (Litchman) juggles Bard training, dumb TV ad work and an airhead German b.f.-model named Hans (James Bowman), but stumbles when it comes to co-student Jack (Musashi Alexander).
TERRY Wogan has slammed "dumb TV" and the huge salaries that are commanded by presenters such as Carol Vorderman.
The device turns your old dumb TV into a smart one and allows you to stream movies, videos, and music from streaming apps like Netflix, Hotstar and more.
Android (and Apple) users can go in for the (2)Google Chromecast 2, which can make any dumb TV smart.
Today, devices such as the Roku, Google Chromecastand various other streaming devices allow you to make your dumb TV, smart.
30 -- Launched back in 2013, the original Chromecast was a dream device for those that wanted to stream content from their Android smartphone to their dumb TV. Put simply, this compact HDMI dongle would plug into the back of your TV and you would be able to not only mirror your smartphone's display on the TV but stream movies and music as well.