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1. Music
a. a pair of performers
b. another word for duet
2. a pair of actors, entertainers, etc.
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(graphic arts)
Recording of images on one-half of the film width during one passage of the film, then turning the film end for end and rerunning it to utilize the unused half of the film width.
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Core Duo

Intel's first dual-core chip for Centrino laptops. Introduced in early 2006, the 32-bit Core Duo CPU was also the first x86 chip used in the Mac, as Apple transitioned from PowerPC to x86 (see MacBook Pro). Note that Core Duo and Core 2 Duo chips are not the same (see Intel Core).

The Core Duo was a dual-core chip that dramatically reduced power consumption over Pentium chips. For example, when a laptop was placed in sleep mode, the Core Duo flushed its cache to main memory, because dynamic RAM chips use less power to retain content than static RAM cache chips. See dual core, Centrino, Intel Core and Core 2.

Core Solo and Xeon
The Core Solo CPU was a single-core version of the Core Duo. Dual core chips rejected in manufacturing were turned into Core Solo CPUs by disabling the core with the failed components. A low voltage Xeon LV chip that used the same microarchitecture as the Core Duo was also introduced for blade servers. See Xeon.

Google Duo

A video calling app from Google for Android and iOS mobile devices. Introduced in 2016 to compete with FaceTime and WhatsApp, Google Duo was quickly downloaded by millions of users. Noted for its simplicity and automatically switching between cellular and Wi-Fi, Duo was designed to provide good visual quality over slow networks. It also supports end-to-end encryption. Duo's "Knock Knock" feature displays the caller before the recipient answers. See videoconferencing, Google Messages and Google Hangouts.
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