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carrying out similar or identical actions to attain the same aim; or making something in two sets, repetition, doubling. An example of duplication is the joint flight of a pilot trainee and of an instructor in a two-seated training aircraft on which the control instruments are firmly coupled and control can be exercised from either seat.

Duplication, as a one-time reserve, is a technique widely used in technology to increase the reliability of a system or unit or its essential elements or parts. The main and the reserve objects form a duplicated group. Duplication may be of two kinds: in permanent duplication, the main and the reserve objects function simultaneously and are in identical operating conditions; in replacement duplication (manual or automatic), the reserve object begins to function only after the main object fails. Under the second method the reserve object is, until the moment of replacement, in a nonfunctioning state and therefore less liable to failure than the main object.


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Number of blocks are varied based on the size of dataset and number of duplicates. Basically, size of block depends on the number of duplicates available in the data set.
While conducting a duplicate payment audit for a medium-sized healthcare product manufacturer, we noticed multiple $40,000 payments to one person on the same day.
330103, Ingram Micro SKU N68531) has an estimated retail price of $1049 and is a must have for anyone that has a need to duplicate Flash Memory Cards.
"A recent study has shown that around 13 per cent of all the profiles on the database are duplicates.
To manage the data and eliminate duplicates, DePauw's IT department wrote programs that crawl the database every day, searching for matches based on different fields like address or phone number.
The term data replication covers a broad spectrum of methods for creating duplicate copies of operational data, either locally or at a remote data center.
A decision was made to create a duplicate trading facility.
We should also mention that they offer another product called findIT which is an ActiveX control that can prevent duplicates as data are being keyed in.
For large-scale database searching--the tests most relevant to DMV applications that seek to eliminate duplicate registrations and identity fraud--Identix performed at over 70 percent, while most of the other participants performed at less than 40%.
Sperry Software has released two new add-in solutions for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002 which make it easy to remove duplicates more efficiently.
In the first, a consolidated group absorbs a subsidiary member's (S's) inside loss (e.g., a loss carryforward, deferred deduction or loss inherent asset), and a group member then recognizes a loss on an S stock disposition that duplicates the inside loss.