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in the Bible, plain, near Babylon, where Nebuchadnezzar set up a golden image.


(do͝or`ə) or


(yo͝orō`pəs), ancient city of Syria, E of PalmyraPalmyra
, ancient city of central Syria. A small modern village known as Tudmor or Tadmor (the Syrian Arabic name of Palmyra) is nearby; residents were relocated from the ancient site in the early 1930s.
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 on a plateau above the Euphrates River. It is also called Dura-Europos or Dura-Europus. Founded (c.300 B.C.) by a general of Seleucus ISeleucus I
(Seleucus Nicator) , d. 280 B.C., king of ancient Syria. An able general of Alexander the Great, he played a leading part in the wars of the Diadochi. In the new partition of the empire in 312 B.C. he received Babylonia.
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, it prospered. In the 2d cent. A.D. the Parthians took Dura, and in A.D. 165 it was taken by Rome. It remained a Roman city until it was seized (c.A.D. 257) by Shapur I of Persia. Dura was then abandoned to the desert. Excavations since Dura was rediscovered by accident in 1920 have yielded rich finds, supplying much information on life, history, and art in Mesopotamia from Hellenistic through Roman times. The site was extensively looted, however, during the Syrian civil war. The name is also spelled Doura. The modern village of Salihiye is on the site.


See M. I. Rostovtzeff et al., Excavations at Dura-Europos (reports, 1929–59); M. I. Rostovtzeff, Dura-Europos and Its Art (1938).

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To induce degranulation of mast cells in the dura mater, we applied to the dura mater compound 48/80 which is known as a mast cell degranulating agent an IgE-independent manner (24).
By investigating the effects of compound 48/80 induced dural mast cell degranulation on the meningeal vasodilation and mast cell numbers in the ex vivo rat meningeal preparations, we showed that compound 48/80 induced massive degranulation of mast cells in the dura mater and dural mast cell degranulation caused vasodilation of middle meningeal artery and its anterior and posterior branches by increasing the diameters of them, respectively.
In the present study, middle meningeal artery and its branches were chosen due to the relevance for the generation of headaches (1,6), therefore the change in diameter of middle meningeal artery and its branches in response to mast cell degranulation in the dura mater has demonstrated that mast cells in the dura mater play a key role in the pathophysiology of migraine.