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One or more assemblies capable of performing a complete function.


Machinery and equipment (CPUs, drives, keyboards, printers, scanners, cables, etc.). In operation, a computer is both hardware and software, and one is useless without the other. The hardware design specifies the command format it can follow, and the software instructions in that format tell it what to do. See instruction set and computer.

Hardware Is "Speed, Storage and Transmission"
The more memory (RAM) and storage (hard and solid state disks) a computer has, the more work it can do. The faster memory and disks transfer data and instructions to the CPU and the faster instructions are executed, the more work gets done in a given time frame. A hardware requirement is based on the quantity of data processed and the number of users or applications being served simultaneously. How much? How fast?

Software Is "Logic and Language"
Software deals with the details of an ever-changing business and must process transactions in a logical fashion. Languages are used to program the software. The "logic and language" involved in systems analysis and software programming is an order of magnitude more complicated than specifying a hardware storage and transmission requirement. See software, information system and wares.

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Based on type, the European durable medical equipment market is categorized into monitoring and therapeutic equipment, medical furniture, personal mobility equipment, and bathroom safety equipment.
that provides durable medical equipment to customers with respiratory needs in Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska, Oregon, and Washington.
Amid the unknown of how online retail giants may impact Oswald's durable medical equipment business, Anderson focuses on the opportunity for the Naperville business to cement their impact within the community.
The durable medical equipment industry, which supplies things like oxygen tanks, lost a battle with the federal government last week when a court ruled in favor of competitive bidding in the Medicare program.
Gambro will pay a $25 million criminal fine and in excess of $310 million to resolve civil liabilities stemming from alleged kickbacks paid to physicians, false statements made to procure payment for unnecessary tests and services, and payments made to Gambro Supply--a sham durable medical equipment company set up by Gambro Healthcare.
"Windshield time" as it is referred to by many in the industry, can have a large economic impact on a durable medical equipment provider if the health care professional spends a large portion of their day driving between patients residences.
Billing practices of diagnostic services (especially X-rays) and durable medical equipment suppliers are also key targets of government investigators.
These benefits include caregiver training, emergency-response systems, durable medical equipment, respite care, care-management services and alternate-care services.

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