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A single prior case report of dural ectasia causing urinary retention from bladder neck obstruction has been reported; however, to our knowledge, this is the first case report in the English literature where a dural ectasia in a patient with Marfan's syndrome caused hydroureteronephrosis from ureteric compression.
Dural ectasia in Marfan syndrome: a case control study.
Widening of the spinal canal and dural ectasia in Marfan syndrome: assessment by CT.
Dural ectasia and the diagnosis of Marfan's syndrome.
Grade 1--mild dural ectasia with accompanying small radicular cysts or lack of epidural fat at the posterior aspect of 1 vertebral body.
The suggested cause of dural ectasia is a weakness in the dural sac as a result of fibrillin deficiency.
Quantitative assessment of dural ectasia as a marker for Marfan syndrome.