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Dilation, especially of a hollow organ.
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limited dilatation of the lumen of a hollow organ or blood vessel. Ectasia may be congenital, as in the case of bronchiectasis and telangiectasia. However, the condition occurs more often as a result of stenosis, above which the lumen of a hollow organ dilates. It is treated by surgery.

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(17,18) There are some common features of both diseases; however, there is no significant evidence suggesting the role of raised intracranial pressure in the etiology of the dural ectasia of the optic nerved (4,19) Although optic nerve sheath dilation is one of the radiological features of IIH, the enlargement of the optic nerve sheath to the degree we found in our patient is unusual.
In summary, our case is an IIH associated with unilateral proptosis and bilateral prominent dural ectasia. To our knowledge, this is the first case reported with these associated pathologies together.
Dural ectasia of the optic nerve sheath:is it always benign?
A single prior case report of dural ectasia causing urinary retention from bladder neck obstruction has been reported; however, to our knowledge, this is the first case report in the English literature where a dural ectasia in a patient with Marfan's syndrome caused hydroureteronephrosis from ureteric compression.
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Widening of the spinal canal and dural ectasia in Marfan syndrome: assessment by CT.
* Grade 1--mild dural ectasia with accompanying small radicular cysts or lack of epidural fat at the posterior aspect of 1 vertebral body.
The suggested cause of dural ectasia is a weakness in the dural sac as a result of fibrillin deficiency.
Quantitative assessment of dural ectasia as a marker for Marfan syndrome.