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durum wheat:

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cereal plant of the genus Triticum of the family Poaceae (grass family), a major food and an important commodity on the world grain market. Wheat Varieties and Their Uses
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Durum Wheat


(Triticum durum), a species of wheat with a tough, usually awned spike and a variously colored grain that is hyaline when broken. Durum wheat is a tetraploid species: there are 28 chromosomes in the somatic cells. It is a drought-resistant steppe crop with predominantly spring forms. It is used in the production of pasta products and semolina; it is also used to improve the bread-baking qualities of soft-wheat flour. Durum wheat is the second most widely cultivated type of wheat, after soft wheat. Of the more than 120 known subspecies of durum wheat, the most common are Hordeiforme, Melanopus, and Leukurum.

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The study of the response to water stress among six durum wheat varieties tested reveals the existence of large variability for most of the parameters measured.
Correlations: In order to identify agronomical plant traits suitable for selection for the further ameloration of grain yield per spike in durum wheat, the correlation coeeficients among various agronomic traits were calculated.
This increase was probably due to availability of more nutrients, which helped in the maximum vegetative growth of the durum wheat plant and similar results of plant height increases with N rates increases were also reported elsewhere [6, 21].
Dr Munns said that the new varieties of salt-tolerant durum wheat could be a commercial reality in the near future.
Molecular cytogenetic characterization and seed protein analysis of 1A/1D translocation lines of durum wheat. Chromosome Res.
Durum wheat is the only wheat that can be used for pasta due to its high protein percentage, which is higher than any other type of wheat.
Four durum wheat varieties from different origin were used in this experiment field, one local variety Bidi 17 and one introduced Semito: Capeiti x Valvona with two selected genotypes such as Waha: Waha'S'PLC 'S'/RUFF//GTA 'SV3ROLOTE and Wahbi: Bidi17/Waha/Bidi17for screening durum wheat varieties for draught tolerance (Farm of Demonstration and Seed Protection; Technical Institute of Great Cultures; I.T.G.C.
The same assays also showed that the insoluble-bound phenolic component of quinoa was less active than that in durum wheat and emmer.
The barley harvest in the governorate of Sidi Bouzid is scheduled to begin on May 20, while the durum wheat harvest is scheduled for the first week of June.
In the study, Durum wheat (Zivego) was obtained from Simas bulgur factory (Gaziantep, Turkey) and stored at 8[degrees]C in a dark place.
Overall, our results revealed a high level of genetic variation among a mini core collection of durum wheat, especially Iranian landraces, which can be of interest for conservation and future breeding programs.
He stressed the need to pay attention to the classification of domestic wheat during the next season, especially that there is a kind of Durum wheat cultivated in eastern Awainat and Upper Egypt is one of the best types of wheat for producing pasta in the world.