durum wheat

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durum wheat:

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cereal plant of the genus Triticum of the family Poaceae (grass family), a major food and an important commodity on the world grain market. Wheat Varieties and Their Uses
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Durum Wheat


(Triticum durum), a species of wheat with a tough, usually awned spike and a variously colored grain that is hyaline when broken. Durum wheat is a tetraploid species: there are 28 chromosomes in the somatic cells. It is a drought-resistant steppe crop with predominantly spring forms. It is used in the production of pasta products and semolina; it is also used to improve the bread-baking qualities of soft-wheat flour. Durum wheat is the second most widely cultivated type of wheat, after soft wheat. Of the more than 120 known subspecies of durum wheat, the most common are Hordeiforme, Melanopus, and Leukurum.

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Imtiaz said CIMMYT, under AIP, aims to support durum wheat value chain development in Pakistan by providing technical assistance to facilitate flow of germplasm, fast tracking deployment of new varieties, market linkages and information networking.
Syngenta will preserve the century-old PSB brand and know-how, which will continue to be synonymous with top-quality Italian durum wheat production.
Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of seeding rate and genotype on agronomic performance and protein content of durum wheat.
The experiment design comprised 2 lines of bread wheat, 3 lines of durum wheat, 3 lines of lentils, and 2 lines of barley across the 2 soil types in a completely randomised design for each crop, replicated 4 times.
2 dinars for durum wheat, against 58 dinars in Tunisia, at 26.
Durum wheat prices are currently at levels three times higher than last year, according to industry observers.
Durum wheat breeding; current approaches and future strategies; 2v.
A product of Italy, it's made with durum wheat semolina, water and dehydrated tomato.
Made from durum wheat semolina, it can be mixed with meat, fish, vegetables or salads to make a healthy meal.
Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes Ingredients: Cherry tomatoes, two cloves garlic, two small dried chillies, fresh basil, dried durum wheat spaghetti, olive oil
Unlike modern Italian pasta and Asian noodles, which are generally made from durum wheat and bread wheat, the prehistoric noodles show no evidence that wheat, barley or other non-grass plants were used to supply their ingredients.