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Editorial note: Turn to page 24 to read Matthew Landrum and Tota Arnadottir's translation of Joanes Nielsen's" I Brushed the Dust off an Intoxicated Poet.
Vietnam-era Dust Off crews saved more than 900,000 lives while performing what is widely considered the most dangerous job in one of historys deadliest conflicts, said Sen.
The Egyptian man, who has been charged with molestation in the Court of First Instance, claimed during investigation that he touched the woman only to brush the dust off her clothes.
CHEEKY: Calendar boy Kush The locals need no encouragement to squeeze into their spookiest attire for a fancy dress knees-up on Friday, but why Ronnie and Charlie decide to hold their engagement bash there - EASTENDERS Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri BBC1 Brace yourselves - it's Halloween at The Vic giving Mick the perfect opportunity to unleash the spray-on cobwebs and dust off his Frankenstein costume.
To ensure that the shop is bursting with great music during the promotion, the store is asking people to dig through their attics and dust off those old forgotten and unplayed albums, as well as any badges, banners, books and sheet music lying around.
Harrison Ford will dust off his whip and hat to return for a fourth film as which hero?
LAPSED musicians have been urged to dust off their instruments.
Welsh rugby committee men are set to dust off their suits this weekend.
But local buyers need not dust off their passports or pay a fortune to bring one-of-a-kind artisanal African art into their homes.
Make a rule for everyone to shake the sand and dust off clothing and boots before they enter or flying sand and dust will come in the door.
If you want to be really prepared this season, take a swing around the site before you dust off those clubs.
If we were to shake the dust off our shoes whenever our witness is rejected, we would have the cleanest shoes in the world