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a cloth used for dusting furniture, etc.
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a machine or device for applying powdered dry pesticides to crops to protect them against pests and disease. Tractor-mounted or knapsack manual dusters are used, depending on conditions.

Tractor-mounted dusters are used to dust field crops, orchards, vineyards, and forest tracts. The working members are driven by a power takeoff shaft from the tractor engine. The operating width depends on the design of the duster; for vineyards it covers two to four rows, and for field crops, 10–100 m. Rated performance is from 3.5–5.0 to 30–64 hectares per hour.

Table 1. Main drying oils and their uses
1 mixture of polymerized and dehydrated oils is used *White spirit is the solvent ‘Content of alkyd resin, which has a fat content of 59–65%
NameType of oilProcessing methodOil content (percent)Uses
Natural.............DryingPartial polymerization100Preparation of primers, putty, oil paints (concentrated and thinned to working consistency); treatment of wood surfaces and other porous materials
Compound...........Drying or semidryingPolymerization and dehydration170–732Preparation of concentrated oil paints
Seminatural (for example, oxole) ............Drying orsemidryingPolymerization50–552Dilution of concentrated oil paints to working consistency
Alkyd (glyptal, pentaglyptal).Drying502,3Preparation of oil paints (concentrated and thinned to working consistency)

Knapsack dusters are used to treat vineyards, young fruit plantings, berry patches, vegetable fields, and other crops on small and inaccessible plots. The main units of such a duster are a tank with a feed device, a fan with a drive handle, and a tube with a spray nozzle. It has shoulder straps for carrying. Some knapsack dusters have a bellows instead of a fan for spraying the pesticide.

All dusters have the same principle of operation. The powder is fed from the bin or tank into a mixing chamber, and then it is forced by a stream of air created by the fan or bellows through the spray nozzle and out onto the plants.


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