dutch roll

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Dutch roll

[‚dəch ′rōl]
(aerospace engineering)
A motion of an airplane which consists of simultaneous oscillations of the bank (or roll) angle, the slideslip angle, and the heading angle, and which, when poorly damped, is annoying to passengers and pilots.

dutch roll

An undesirable oscillatory instability of an aircraft characterized by a combined rolling and yawing movement. It is predominant in swept-wing aircraft and can be overcome by reducing lateral stability and use of yaw dampers. This tendency is predominant at lower speed ranges.
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The normally crisp and precise Hornet became victim to inferior aircraft handling characteristics of adverse yaw followed by a moderately damped Dutch roll.
The cumulative effects of the malfunctioning [flight-control system], coupled with autopilot use and rudder movements during the unrecognized dutch roll, generated dutch roll forces that exceeded the mishap aircraft's design structural limits," the Air Force said in its investigation into the crash, released last month.
Pinckney, began to make "corrective action" to compete with the Dutch roll.
Arquiette cited there were "organizational training problems" on the training of Dutch roll recovery procedures as well as handling problems related to the Series Yaw Damper.
The Dutch roll is a wig-wag maneuver that imposes tremendous aerodynamic loads on the aircraft, especially the vertical tail.
Data were taken during various flight regimes, including taxi, takeoff, steady level flight, rolls, and Dutch rolls.
Pilots experienced with the Bonanza know some slight pressure on the rudder pedals helps damp any Dutch roll.
2009), especially in missions requiring Dutch roll mode specific maneuvers, decreasing their stability in these conditions.
The paper deals with increasing the damping factor of oscillations for these aircraft, during maneouvers involving the Dutch roll mode.
The boat only made about five knots relative and was prone to Dutch roll.

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