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(filename extension)
The filename extension for Autodesk drawing files.

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dwg, DWG

Abbr. for “drawing.”
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DWG FastView for Web is powerful DWG Viewer and Editor based on web browsers.
Embedded with powerful file translator & parametric design technology, ZW3D can help Leonis import DWG data directly and build 3D models accordingly with direct edit, saving tons of re-engineering time.
"Sand's expertise in modeling and implementing bus architectures makes them the ideal partner in the pilot effort," said Laurence Cooke, technical consultant to VSIA and past chairman of VSIA's On-Chip Bus DWG. "Their work could serve as a model for other pilot partners working on any number of proposed standards."
• Converting DWG to PNG format is producing very small PNG image that is unable to view
"This release of AutoSketch is a versatile and affordable drawing tool that has been brought up-to-date in response to customer requests for Windows Vista and DWG compatibility."
Capability: The DWG Viewer lets users view AutoCAD DWG, DWF, and DXF formats even without access to those formats.
The major developments in this release are support for searching text in DWG AutoCAD file and get external references of block attributes.
Capability: Solid Converter DWG converts DWG and DXF files to vector-based portable document format files.
The drawing can then be saved as a .CAD file (PocketCAD format) that can be later translated to a DWG or DXF(TM) file.