dynamic testing

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vibratory testing

A technique used to measure as well as test the strength of pavements. The pavement is subjected to vibratory loads and its response (deflection) is measured under this known load. Also known as dynamic testing.
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This company is an ISO 9001:2008, CE and TAF (ISO 17025) certified manufacturer specializing in design and production of 18 major kinds of polymer analytical instruments and testing equipment, including rheometers, Mooney viscometers, ozone testing chambers, tensile testing machines, filler dispersion analysis instruments, dynamic testing systems, universal static tire testing equipment, and more.
Modular Dynamic Testing confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons.
The winner was chosen by a jury comprising automotive experts who then subjected the finalists to extensive static and dynamic testing at the Moulay El Hassan track in Marrakech.
All being well, dynamic testing will then follow on.
DOTC said the LRV 3 and 4 would start its static testing by the end of February and dynamic testing by March, which includes checks on acceleration and braking to ensure the reliability of the train's components.
Meanwhile Hitachi has also said that dynamic testing of the high-speed train on the UK's rail network "is on track and on programme".
In particular, the ability of dynamic testing to measure the strength of a crust within a powder bed, as a function of bed height, provides unique insight into the effect of moisture absorption on caking behaviour.
She covers a guide to professional software testing, testing in context, testing processes overview, test management, static testing, dynamic testing, test case design techniques, testing quality characteristics, incident and defect management, test tools and automation, and people skills.
Among specific topics are the dynamic testing of historic iron bridges at different levels of excitation, in-situ local strain measurement in textile composites with embedded optical fiber sensors, new opportunities for the ultrasonic characterization of stiffness anisotropy in composite materials, electrical resistance and electrical potential studies for detecting and monitoring damage in hybrid composites.
The Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) is an international competition between engineering students involving the design, construction and dynamic testing of an open-wheel race-car.

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