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Dynamic time warping generally requires finding a path which goes through each intersection with the distance measure sum of the intersection at the path minimized.
By Dynamic Time Warping, one can have an optimal match between vector sets, minimizing the sum of Euclidean distances under some special constraints such as boundary, continuity and monotonicity.
[18] Motion histogram Fast dynamic time warping Proposed The key point, colour SIFT, HOG, DT, CFD, PCA-SIFT, spatiotemporal feature vector Similarity/cluster/ classification Reference papers measurement Dataset Droueche et al.
TOUSE selects optimal beamforming group by dynamic time warping based on mechanism, which makes full use of concurrent transmitting time and achieves equal opportunity of channel contention.
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In our proposed multivariate dynamic time warping measure, how to learn an appropriate Mahalanobis distance is another key problem in our framework.
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Shooting consistency is defined as a function of the dynamic time warping (DTW) distance between two time sequences of acceleration data calculated with the DTW algorithm.
utilized Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) and expert systems to recognize three states including one healthy state and two failure states for turnout [15].
In order to evaluate the trajectory recovery, we made a comparison using a measurement method that includes the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) and Dynamic Time Warping (DTW).
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