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substance that undergoes decomposition or combustion with great rapidity, evolving much heat and producing a large volume of gas. The reaction products fill a much greater volume than that occupied by the original material and exert an enormous pressure, which can be
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 made from nitroglycerin and an inert, porous filler such as wood pulp, sawdust, kieselguhr, or some other absorbent material. The proportions vary in different kinds of dynamite; often ammonium nitrate or sodium nitrate is added. The mass is usually pressed in cylindrical forms and wrapped in an appropriate material, e.g., paper or plastic. The charge is set off with a detonatordetonator
, type of explosive that reacts with great rapidity and is used to set off other, more inert explosives. Fulminate of mercury mixed with potassium chlorate is a commonly used detonator.
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. Dynamite was discovered by Alfred B. NobelNobel, Alfred Bernhard
, 1833–96, Swedish chemist and inventor. Educated in St. Petersburg, Russia, he traveled as a youth and returned to St. Petersburg in 1852 to assist his father in the development of torpedoes and mines.
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 in 1866.
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What does it mean when you dream about dynamite?

Dynamite or any other explosive device is a natural symbol for anger, aggression, or other “explosive” emotions. In a dream, dynamite that has not exploded may indicate a person or a situation that is about to blow up. Dynamite is also related to firecrackers, which have connotations of celebration.

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A generic term covering a class of nitroglycerin-sensitized mixtures of carbonaceous materials (wood, flour, starch) and oxygen-supplying salts, used as explosives for blasting and mining.
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29, 1932; "Dam Dynamiter Wins New Court Victory," Oakland Tribune, Jan.
The voice calls him "a promising young dynamiter, your father's son, sworn to alter the social terrain, and now you're hardly much better than the people you used to want to blow up" (660).
What they see evokes an atmosphere that might contain an "old dynamiter," as Fulkerson calls him, like Lindau (p.
The point is driven home a little later in the novel when Fulkerson casually refers to Lindau as "the old Dynamiter" (144).
There is no subordinating conjunction in the third sentence (a standard alternative might be, "he udito ieri sera che veniva un dinamitardo" [I heard last night that a dynamiter was coming]): "`Scherzo.
Her mother died in the accidental explosion of a bomb made by Patrick (whose own father had been a logging dynamiter).
Ce n'est nullement un hasard si, durant la periode oE l'activite terroriste connut son apogee, des mains criminelles avaient voulu dynamiter des mausolees.
I HAVE been racing at York since the days of Como and Billy Nevitt, Harry Wragg, Marcel Boussac, Dynamiter and Ras Prince Monolulu.
My pal Derek, the Liverpool dance hall dynamiter, slugged a screw at Wakefield prison one week before he was due for release.
Daryakana comes from a family which served Marcel Boussac well over a long period, delivering a dual Champion Stakes winner in Dynamiter and an outstanding two-year-old in Abdos among many notable performers, and has thrived no less conspicuously since its absorption into the Aga Khan operation in the late 1970s.
Via the Group 3 winner Daralinsha, Darjina traces to Marcel Boussac's influential mare Pretty Lady, dam of the dual Champion Stakes winner Dynamiter and top-class two-year-old Abdos, later the damsire of Darshaan.
LA MOQUEUSE'S Umidwar foal was Pretty Lady, whose brood included Dynamiter, twice winner of the Champion Stakes in the Boussac colours, and Abdos, an unbeaten juvenile regarded by his breeder as the best horse he had owned since Pharis.