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Although computer-generated imaging may detect subtle dysmorphology, biomarkers that indicate exposure to alcohol during the prenatal period would provide an additional tool to identify individuals with FASD and to better relate alcohol exposure parameters with outcomes.
Mothers who consume alcohol may be condemning their child to a lifetime of ongoing problems such as behavioural and cognitive disorders, learning disability, facial dysmorphology, and long term effects to the their immune system.
1) FAS represents the most severe spectrum of preventable disabilities and is characterized by growth deficiency, dysmorphology, and a complex pattern of behavioural and cognitive difficulties.
Dysmorphology and microstructural degradation of the corpus callosum: Interaction of age and alcoholism.
orthognathic surgical correction of facial dysmorphology and malocclusion.
Bird of the division of genetics and dysmorphology at Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego.
1997, Similar extent of brain dysmorphology in severely ill women and men with schizophrenia, American Journal of Psychiatry, 154, 819-825.
This reflects the great variability in which prenatal alcohol exposure can affect the CNS and highlights the fact that some individuals without the facial dysmorphology required for a diagnosis of FAS may suffer from significant intellectual deficits.
For many, the intensity of these convictions (fixed or overvalued ideas) can reach the boundaries for delusions--absolute certainty of dysmorphology, refusal to accept contradictory evidence, and sense that others are "talking about their defects.