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The potential benefits of e-working may lure some unsuspecting employees into eworker programs.
Such inventories can help potential eworkers determine if e-working is for them.
The counselor can help a client assess the quality of a program through the use of a program checklist containing the following items: (a) The program has specific policies regarding supervision, performance outcomes, time management, health and safety, training, career progression, and the use of technology; (b) there is a thorough and helpful selection process; (c) there is a formal comprehensive e-working agreement; (d) there is strong management support of the program; (e) e-workers are trusted, supported, and promoted; and (f) employees can enter the program on a provisional basis.
The resources may be useful to organizations wanting to start or improve their e-worker programs as well as employees striving to meet the challenges of e-working.
To help employers see the benefits of e-working, the Telework Association is running a series of conferences around the UK in November.
Traffic congestion, unreliable railways and lack of confidence in the airlines means that more employees are considering the benefits of e-working.
BRIGHTER OPTION More employees are considering the benefits of e-working because of dreary road jams, along with rail problems and lack of confidence in airlines
E-business, e -commerce, e-working and e-government are bringing about revolutionary changes in our economy, in working business practices.
He conceded, though: "While significant progress has been made towards all the recommendations, I know that more still needs to be done to ensure that the full benefits of e-working are harnessed - thereby giving the Irish economy as a whole the edge."
He said: "The reason people have not been realising the true potential of E-working to date is that firms and employees have been unsure and apprehensive.
"The government is convinced that E-working is a powerful tool which must be used in business to secure competitive advantage."