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Novell's flagship network directory service which was included in NetWare as Novell Directory Services (NDS) beginning with Version 4. It was also available for Windows NT/2000, Windows Server 2003, Solaris, Linux, AIX and HP-UX.

Based on X.500
Based on the X.500 directory standard, eDirectory maintained a hierarchical database of information about network resources within a global enterprise, including networks, users, subgroups, servers, volumes and printers. Users logged in to the network, and eDirectory determined their access rights. eDirectory also supported LDAP.

When eDirectory was NDS, it supported the X.500 structure, but not all of the protocols. With the addition of software from Nexor Limited, eDirectory could query X.500 directories in governmental agencies and other organizations.

From NDS to eDirectory
As of Version 8, Novell Directory Services (NDS) became NDS eDirectory and a platform independent product that used the Internet's DNS naming system. Later, the NDS was dropped from the name. Version 8.5 added DNS Federation, which united DNS with NDS's original directory architecture, in which every network resource was an object. See network directory.
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Alpha NetSolutions, software integrator and Novell Platinum partner, was responsible for the integration between Trapeze's Mobility System on Novell's SUSE Linux and eDirectory.
* Secure local login to Novell edirectory: that replaces static passwords with secure One Time Passwords or digital certificates
The new software scans Novell's eDirectory and the NetWare file system for specific security policy violations, identifying vulnerabilities and risks, automatically collects specified audit data, and prepares reports quickly in easy to read formats.
To unify IDACORP Energy's existing resources into one system and increase interoperability, Novell Consulting used Novell Account Management to synchronize Novell eDirectory to the company's existing Microsoft Active Directory.
"Because it's built on Novell's eDirectory, Novell Net Publisher enables users to create, publish, and share documents on the Web in a way that is secure and extremely manageable-characteristics that are critical for conducting business on the Net," said Craig Miller, vice president and general manager of Novell's Net Management Division.
Novell announced the immediate availability of NDS eDirectory and NDS Corporate Edition for Linux.
By deploying Arkeia Software's specialized agents for Novell eDirectory and Microsoft SQL Server, Bellows Free Academy protects critical applications and databases without requiring application and database downtime.
We started with a directory web application which named eDirectory and released in 2001.
Other management functions within the platform include: authentication, logging and reporting functionality; all monitoring data is available to the ACC administrator within a few seconds; user authentication via Active Directory, eDirectory, TACACS+, LDAP or Radius; as well as automatic transmission of status reports, the company said.
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Separate chapters discuss clients, eDirectory management, users and network security, clustering services, file storage and access, printing services, the Apache web server, Virtual Office, and the Quickfinder search engine.