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Contract notice for Procurement of Ambient air monitoring and early-warning station equipment.
The Cold War early-warning station at RAF Buchan near Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, was axed in 2004.
A report commissioned by the Ministry of Defence states the upgrade of the North Yorkshire RAF early-warning station as part of the US missile defence project, should not require planning permission.
The idea of being the world's early-warning station seems to appeal to New Zealanders; especially given its reputation as a country that often tends to look backward, rather than forward.
The comedy is set in a tiny, remote RAF early-warning station which the top brass forgot to close down after the end of the Cold War.
One such important measure is the Israeli demand to keep an early-warning station on Mount Hermon.
The deal would have permitted Israel to remain on Mount Hermon, maintaining its early-warning station, while obtaining a peace treaty with the Syrians.
ALL Along The Watchtower (BBC1) saw two dopey RAF servicemen scanning the skies from a remote coastal early-warning station in Scotland.
Defence officials at RAF Fylingdales, the Yorkshire-based early-warning station, reported no undue activity.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Ambient air monitoring and early-warning station equipment EU
Israel underlined the need to leave military forces along the length of the Jordan River for an extended period, as well as the need for an Israeli presence at the border crossing at the Jordan River, continued Israeli control of the air space over the West Bank, the stationing of Israeli early-warning stations at several strategic points in the West Bank and an extensive series of other security demands.
He said the Israelis want to retain control of the West Bank's border with Jordan, keep early-warning stations on hilltops, and retain military bases near the Jordanian border.