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It is noteworthy, though, that the sweet tax was not imposed on healthy sweetened beverages, which are the very part of the basic food component of an ordinary income earner and/or minimum-wage earner, such as coffee and milk.
Earner captured her first ever title in Annaverna, with a one-shot win over Clare's Aine O'Loughlin.
The average area per fee earner in Birmingham is 428.
In The Glass Ceiling and the Paper Floor: Gender Differences Among Top Earners, 1981-2012 (NBER Working Paper No.
We observe much lower contributions and more Nash play among the groups with either one earner or three earners than we do in the other groups.
Working just one more year beyond the age of eligibility to receive an annuity income stream can increase the annual payout by up to 16 percent for the lowest income earners and by up to 7% for the highest income earners, the research shows.
As already noted, we add to the existing literature with this paper by examining the role of retiree health benefits separately for three groups: dual-earner couples, couples with a single earner, and single workers.
Such an approach might exclude workers from the primary wage earner group who work part time because they are receiving a pension or have some other sources of unearned income.
Dokkyo Medical University on Friday joined the ranks of universities whose professors involved in reviewing doctoral theses were found to have received money from degree earners.
Cardiff council's accounts for the last financial year revealed there were 299 high earners compared to 273 in 2002-03.
The lowest earner on Alpha's 2003 ranking took home $65 million in 2003.
Not only is the sole source of income eliminated, but the role of the stay-at-home spouse quickly changes to that of a job seeker and eventual wage earner," notes John A.