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A pair of head-mounted speakers that are positioned over the ears. For listening to music or monitoring live performances, both left and right channels are required. When a microphone is included for telephone or video calls, the device is technically a "headset" and not headphones.

Some of the Best Sound
Headphones allow listening to music without disturbing others, but they are also used by discerning audiophiles. High-quality headphones can provide an extraordinary listening experience that is far more affordable than room speakers. Headphones are driven by much lower amplification, and by creating a sealed listening chamber, they can sound as good as or better than stereo speakers costing many thousands. There is also no need to configure speakers for surround sound to match room acoustics. Contrast with earphones. See virtual headphones and headset.

A Venerable Model
Grado Labs' SR60 headphones debuted in 1994 and are still offered as of 2020. Grado is a small, committed company in Brooklyn, New York that celebrated its 50th year in 2003.

One of the Best
Using mahogany speaker housings, the Grado Labs' GS1000 has been considered by audiophiles as one of the finest headphones ever made. It even makes a mobile device sound like a theater hall.

Wireless Headphones
Numerous wireless models are also available such as this unit from Sennheiser. Wireless headphones use FM radio frequencies as well as the 2.4 GHz band and Bluetooth. See Bluetooth.
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It is not an intuitive way, and this in turn risks in dislodging the earpieces from their housing, which is particularly hazardous when you're in public transit.
An earpiece kit, which included a cradle, at pounds 15 was offered but again a Bluetooth kit was recommended at pounds 45.
But Bob said the proper equipment was much more subtle, and I managed to fit his secret receiver/transmitter into a shirt pocket, which connected seamlessly to a hidden earpiece.
According to the patent filing, the stylus in question will have a capacitive nib, will be flexible and will include a dock for an earpiece, allowing the stylus to double up as a wireless Bluetooth device.
Knowing all these, it is absurd that our youths still misuse earpiece, knowing well that walking and cycling with earphones on may cause one to lose focus which has lead to several accidents, where many lives had been lost and property destroyed.
At the preliminary round last week, Catriona wore the "Pearl of the Orient" earpiece co-designed with Tessera Jewelry.
Another co-worker, an Indian, also spotted the Ugandan taking away the earpiece and hiding it in his pocket and walking out of the storehouse.
Hopkin raged: "I was trying to make a substitution and get our player on the pitch to kill the game before the free-kick which led to their goal - but the officials' earpieces were not working.
It will come with freebies--a gift set (a Bluetooth speaker, a Bluetooth earpiece, a selfie stick) as well as six months extended warranty.
In reality, the first was an earpiece and the new product a smartwatch!
That drive forced Xiaomi to make some interesting design decisions, such as forgoing a standard earpiece for a fancy piezoelectric version and moving the front camera down to the lower right of the phone's frame.
The on-loan defender heard the remark in his earpiece during a live interview after the 1-1 draw in the Turin derby.