earth auger

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1. A hand-held carpenter’s tool for boring holes in wood, similar to, but larger than, a gimlet; has a long steel bit usually not larger than 1 in. (25 mm) in diameter.
2. A rotary drill, usually powered, for cutting circular holes in earth or rock.
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The small company's product - an earth auger boring machine - is well received in the construction market, subsequent models are refined and improved and the new company grows, introducing other products to its line.
The three-point hitch-mounted earth auger is indispensable for folks who have lots of fence posts to set, enjoy building small pole-type buildings--for their hogs, chickens, sheep, you name it--gazebos and trellises, and even for transplanting large numbers of small to medium-sized trees.
Founded in 1976, Aaron Enterprises is a specialty contractor practicing the various disciplines of "trenchless technology," including traditional horizontal earth auger boring, pipe jacking, pipe ramming, rock boring, hand tunneling, directional drilling, plus the development of custom-developed tools and systems to meet non-standard horizontal boring and tunneling situations.
DONNY'S LITTLE HELPER Petrol Earth Auger Ditch the shovel and pick and hire a petrol-driven earth auger (Brandon Hire Tel 0117 971 8535).
Plus, the company manufactures other outdoor power equipment, such as gas and electric grass/weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, edgers, pole pruners, brushcutters, leaf blowers, sprayers, earth augers, and driveway sweepers.
In business for more than 50 years, General Equipment Company is a family-owned manufacturer of earth augers, ventilation blowers, asphalt cutters and surface preparation equipment.
The 471 DIG-R-TACH can utilize the same 4400 Series earth augers that are used with the General Equipment 310 and 330 Series portable hole diggers.
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