earth berm

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1. A continuous bank of earth alongside a road; a shoulder.
2. A continuous bank of earth piled against a masonry wall.
3. A strip of ground, formed into a ledge to support beams or pipes.
4. The horizontal surface between a moat and the exterior slope of a fortified rampart.
5. In earth excavation work, that portion of the excavation, usually sloped, left at the perimeter and removed as the sheeting and bracing are installed.
6. A narrow terrace or shelf built into an embankment, or the like, which breaks the continuity of an otherwise long slope.
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It is marked by an earth berm and a row of barbed wire.
It's easier to elevate up to the floor level with earth berms when possible as opposed to expensive ramps.
Saudi Arabia's border with Iraq, which is heavily defended by a series of earth berms and fences and closely monitored by camera and radar, has been attacked in the past by mortar bombs fired from a distance, but more targeted attacks are rare.
physical obstacles, the placement of fences and the creation of earth berms and ditches along the Administrative Boundary Lines with
The CSE platoon built earth berms around the area, as well as several equipment parks inside the perimeter, to protect equipment and personnel from small arms fire.
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