earth building

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sod house, soddie

A dwelling having thick walls of blocks cut from an upper layer of grassland (i.e., sod). Houses of this type were constructed quickly by early settlers in the Great Plains of the United States in areas where timber and stone were scarce, suitable clay was not available for making bricks in quantity, but good-quality sod was readily obtainable. Often, constructed partially underground, or built into the side of a hill to provide improved thermal insulation. The walls were usually plastered with clay to promote cleanliness and dryness within the structure, and to reduce or prevent insect infestation. Also see Plains cottage.
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Earth buildings are found all over Estonia, yet Southern Estonia is home to the largest concentration of them.
Additionally, the Black Oaks Center is about to host its first of several earth building workshops to teach the skills of "earth bag construction.
England had a long tradition of earth building dating from the 13th century, which declined in favour of brick buildings in the late 19th century.
Then Uncommon Good will move into its beloved Whole Earth Building, to humbly resume its mission of serving the poor and saving the planet, joyfully and against all the odds.
Earth building, such as cob, straw bale, and adobe, is gaining in popularity due to these homes' overall energy efficiency, longevity, beauty, and low environmental impact.
Practiced by the Romans as well as by the ancient Chinese, earth building found its way into this country in the late 1800s.
Moreover, in the wake of the leading earthworks different earth building for further use (for future phases) obtained and stored.
More books on earth building began to find their way onto our nightstands, and preliminary sketches of house plans, drawn in the margins of newspapers and on the backs of grocery receipts, were carefully filed into a folder we called "A Turning of the Soil," symbolizing both our dream of building an earth house and our desire to start a more conscientious, purposetul life.
England has a long tradition of earth building dating from the 13th Century before brick buildings took over in the late 19th Century.
I have spearheaded the creation of a cob courtyard wall in a downtown park and am also leading the building of a cob/rammed earth building that will house a composting toilet in the same park.
Here are the advantages we think it gives to the do-it-yourselfer as compared to other types of earth building.