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Geastrum entomophilum, a new earthstars with an unusual spore dispersal strategy.
Earthstars (Geastrum, Myriostoma) of the Hawaiian Islands including two new species, Geastrum litchiforme & Geastrum reticulatum.
European earthstars in Geastraceae (Geastrales, Phallomycetidae) - a systematic approach using morphology and molecular sequence data.
At 18:00 on Friday the Pennsylvania Department of Banking declared Earthstar Bank closed and appointed the FDIC as Receiver, the company added.
The Bank will assume Earthstar Bank's deposits of about USD90m, acquire loans of USD46m and investment securities of USD11m in the transaction that will be immediately accretive to net income and earnings per share including book value and tangible book value per share.
Earthstars and puffballs are classified as "stomach fungi," because their spores are enclosed in a round sac.
Earthstars, however, hold a surprise: As they mature, the outer layer peels back in four to 14.
The Pennsylvania Department of Banking closed Earthstar Bank on Friday and appointed the FDIC as receiver.
Earthstar branches will open for operations as branches of Polonia Bank.
At its heart, EarthStar is an experience of frequencies: the frequency and wavelength of the light captured by the telescope; the multiple frequencies of the sun's radiation channelled through the customised antennae; and according to certain theories on scent, the vibrational frequencies of molecules we experience as smell.