eastern crown

antique crown, eastern crown

antique crown
A heraldic device consisting of a headband with an indefinite number of pointed rays projecting from it.
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WELCOME to Bahrain, the jewel in the Middle Eastern crown and flavour of the west - and opening up to Irish visitors.
Last year's rare birds spotted in Teesmouth and East Cleveland included Isabelline Wheatear, Eastern Crowned Warbler, Black Scoter and Black Winged Pratincole.
They are also at Mowbray Park, Sunderland, the site of the most viewed Baillon's Crake in ornithological history; RSPB Saltholme, Teesside, the discovery of Britain's second record of a glaucous-winged gull; Swalwell, Gateshead, where Britain's first great reed warbler was shot in 1847; Trow Quarry, South Shields, for the sighting of Britain's first eastern crowned warbler.
It was the first sighting of an Eastern Crowned Warbler in Britain and everyone with a keen interest in our feathered friends had to be there with their expensive telescopes and cameras.
"I first saw it a few years ago in China but it's lovely to have it right here on my doorstep." The Eastern Crowned Warbler, usually found in China and Indonesia, was spotted and snapped near a quarry on Wednesday by Dougie Holden, 47.
Word quickly spread among fellow birdwatchers after the arrival of the eastern crowned warbler which flew in to Trow Quarry off The Leas at South Shields.
Added on indicators of character and rank consisted mainly of functional helmet-style eastern crowns, and dressing-gown robes, quickly tied on or removed in view of the audience, enabling the show's very fluid doubling, and underlining a metatheatrical strategy which resisted immersion in the fictive spectacle of the play.
OCTOBER The Eastern Crowned Warbler was spotted for the first time in Britain at Trow Quarry, The Leas, South Shields.
The arrival of the eastern crowned warbler is a first for the UK.

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