eastern hemisphere

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eastern hemisphere

1. that half of the globe containing Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, lying east of the Greenwich meridian
2. the lands in this, esp Asia
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Eastern Hemisphere

[¦ē·stərn ′hem·ə‚sfir]
The half of the earth lying mostly to the east of the Atlantic Ocean, including Europe, Africa, and Asia.
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Thailand is following the lead of its fellow Eastern Hemisphere countries, Australia and New Zealand, with this rule.
The company expects revenues of USD 60 million from Romania this year, which should accelerate to USD 100 million in the next years.Jay Glick, CEO and president of Lufkin Industries, said that the company has developed an IT department locally and added design engineers due to the talent pool existent in the area."We anticipate that the Romanian operation will serve as a strategic hub for our Eastern Hemisphere markets.
,Western Hemisphere birds seem to have diversified faster than Eastern Hemisphere ones, Walter Jetz of Yale University and his colleagues report online October 31 in Nature.
Upon the completion of the proposed reorganisation, the New SOL Group will be comprised exclusively of Scomi Group's Eastern Hemisphere oilfield services operations and its West Africa drilling waste management (DWM) business.
"Spaceport become a connection between the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere.
"Halliburton has invested considerable resources in research and development for new technologies, which support our customers' activities," said Brady Murphy, Halliburton's senior vice president of Business Development for the Eastern Hemisphere. "This agreement provides an opportunity for Gazprom International and Halliburton to mutually benefit from the implementation of these technologies and to build a closer strategic working relationship."
It has C-band beams serving the eastern hemisphere of Europe and Africa and providing full coverage of the Americas, as well as a global C-band beam to support mobile and maritime customers.
The date on the left of the line (Eastern Hemisphere) is one day ahead of the right side (Western Hemisphere).
Unfortunately the negative releases were not confined to the eastern hemisphere. Over in the US, the housing market clearly continues to suffer.
Across the Eastern Hemisphere, unconventional basins are undercapitalised from an equipment standpoint.
Now, by manufacturing Bunting equipment within the European Union, we will be able to build on the reputation of both companies and offer a fuller range of magnetic technology to the eastern hemisphere."
ABS said its ABS-2 would be one of the most powerful commercial satellites launched for service in the Eastern Hemisphere.

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