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1. one of the four cardinal points of the compass, 90? clockwise from north and 180? from west
2. the direction along a parallel towards the sunrise, at 90? to north; the direction of the earth's rotation
3. the east any area lying in or towards the east
4. Cards the player or position at the table corresponding to east on the compass


1. the continent of Asia regarded as culturally distinct from Europe and the West; the Orient
2. the countries under Communist rule and formerly under Communist rule, lying mainly in the E hemisphere
3. in the US
a. the area north of the Ohio and east of the Mississippi
b. the area north of Maryland and east of the Alleghenies

What does it mean when you dream about the East?

The east, as the direction from which the sun and other celestial bodies rise, naturally symbolizes new beginnings and rebirths. Dreams about the East (in the sense of the Orient) have other associations, sometimes of a spiritual nature. For someone living in the Midwest or California, “back East” would mean the eastern United States.


The direction 90° to the right of north.


A Eureka project developing a software engineering platform.
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The ability of Eastward Capital to deliver both debt and equity financing, along with the continued support of our existing top-flight investors, gives us much greater flexibility as we continue to solidify our position as a major player in compliance applications.
Slowly but surely, rain and waves are eating away at the California coast, and this winter's El Nino storms are speeding up the shoreline's eastward retreat, geologists say.
El Nino exerts these profound effects by speeding up the eastward movement of the atmosphere, relative to the solid body of the planet, says David A.
Geological mapping indicates that favourable horizons and structures continue eastward from the Airport Property into the "Airport East" claims.
El Nino refers to a periodic weather-disrupting condition in the tropical Pacific in which westward-blowing trade winds weaken, allowing a mass of warm water normally situated off Australia to drive eastward to western South America.
Thunderstorms move eastward at the same time, and atmospheric winds follow abnormal patterns, skewing weather around much of the globe.
Now TTCM's market expansion is southward and westward, while its Sichuan subsidiary moves eastward and northward, the strategic and precise move to take the entire China market.
The men will spend nine to 14 days at altitudes of 30,000 to 35,000 feet - as high as commercial jetliners fly - to catch the jet-stream winds they hope will propel them eastward around the globe.
One of these, a patch of the Pacific seafloor called the Nazca plate, slides eastward underneath South America at about 6 centimeters per year, in a process geophysicists call subduction.
This acquisition extends our market coverage eastward from our strong base of operations in Minnesota and Iowa, and is consistent with Arctic Glacier's approach to executing its growth strategy through geographically contiguous transactions," said Robert Nagy, President and CEO of Arctic Glacier Inc.
An El Nino condition occurs when westward blowing trade winds weaken, allowing a mass of warm water normally located off Australia to drive eastward across the tropical Pacific to South America.
When loggerhead sea turtles emerge from their shells on the beaches of Florida's east coast, the tiny hatchlings dive into the surf and swim quickly eastward toward the Gulf Stream to avoid coastal predators.