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expected approach clearance (EAC)

An expression used in radio communications to indicate the time at which arriving aircraft should be cleared to begin the approach for a landing. Also known as EAT, or expected approach time.
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You can buy Treasuries through your broker or your bank, but the transaction fee you have to pay will eat away at your final profit.
This advanced cleaner is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, contains no CFCs, detergents or solvents of any kind (including alcohol, ammonia and chlorine) which can subtly eat away at porous electronic screens and strip away the crucial anti-glare coatings of plasma screens and other pricey electronic toys.
Scientists once thought the inclusions at the surface dissolve into liquids and produce corrosive chemicals that eat away the surrounding metal.
He said in some locations there is hydrogen sulfide gas, which turns into sulfuric acid and can eat away concrete.
Those fees will ultimately eat away at your profit.
A stable foundation can resist the movement that is caused by an earthquake, but the hidden dangers posed by the threat of termites--America's $5 billion problem pest--can eat away at the structure, which makes it more likely that the opposing forces of an earthquake will tear the house apart.
They said the birds eat away at carefully tended gardens.
180), is accumulating in the atmosphere and can eat away at the stratospheric ozone layer.