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expected approach clearance (EAC)

An expression used in radio communications to indicate the time at which arriving aircraft should be cleared to begin the approach for a landing. Also known as EAT, or expected approach time.
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Pack healthy snacks that can easily be pulled out of your backpack and eaten on the run.
He and his colleagues found that rats that had eaten unsupplemented chow had lower brain concentrations of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).
In 1994, statistics showed that take-out food had become 30 percent of food eaten by children.
Gulf of Mexico tilefish, shark, swordfish, and king mackerel contain the most methyl mercury, and should be eaten sparingly--and not at all if you are a young child, nursing mother, are pregnant, or are trying to become pregnant.
Patients > 15 years of age were asked if they had eaten raw fish in the past 2 months.
Despite all the changes about what might constitute a healthful diet, kids still don't want to eat foods that are good for them, and they do want to eat simple sugars and starches, saturated fats, and things they have eaten before.
If they weren't protected by the Sesame Street police, then they could be eaten by one of us and I did not want to be a part of that.
The Seychelles mothers ate a variety of fish that contain similar concentrations of methylmercury as fish eaten in the United States.
Carbs by themselves do not lead to weight gain (any more than fats eaten in small enough quantities do).
The reverse is to be eaten. Man eats God and is eaten by God" (OC VI.2.,454).
Some of we let ourselves be all the grapes to be eaten together.
We found, for example, that the percentage of food eaten by nursing home residents, as recorded by the nursing home staff, is often erroneous.