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expected approach clearance (EAC)

An expression used in radio communications to indicate the time at which arriving aircraft should be cleared to begin the approach for a landing. Also known as EAT, or expected approach time.
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Eater, in particular, recommended TKK's Kwa Kwa Bao, a fried chicken skin roll stuffed with sticky rice along with shiitake mushrooms and pork in fried chicken skin.
10 tips for parents of picky eaters. Last updated 26 Apr 2018.
IT was hard to know whether to be revolted or impressed as competitive eaters crammed mountains of food down their mouths as quickly as possible.
Her arch rival is the UK's number one competitive eater Adam Moran, 33, who has nearly 600,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel Beard Meats Food.
Food jagging is basically a term used for pickers eaters or when a child wants to eat the same dish, prepared the same way, every day.
According to the tips from the ( "God Eater" Reddit , some features in ( "God Eater 3" work really differently from its previous "God Eater 2: Rage Burst" iteration, which encourages new strategies to fight off the Ash Aragami.
Restrained eaters are not necessarily successful dieters, and their behavior is determined by their continuous efforts to lose weight.
And in Him & I, G-Eazy sings: "Ever catch me cheating she would try to cut my" And now she tweeted pumpkin-eater and that is part of a rhyme: "cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater" G-Eazy cheated on Halsey???" said another.
Cognitive behavioural therapist David Kilmurry gives his top 10 tips for parents to help Selective Eating Disorder (SED) sufferers or picky eaters: 1.
Officially titled 'God Eater 3', Bandai Namco's statement reads, 'Team up with other God Eaters equipped with the latest God Arc weapons to take down monstrous new Aragami tearing apart locations around the globe.'
Parents may be assisted in their efforts by other family members who will bring something from the picky eater's "might eat list." Or, more likely, they will join in a chorus of old favorites such as "Don't you want to grow up to be big and strong?" Or "You won't be able to have any of Grandma's cookies if you don't eat some dinner."
The man- eater of Didihat began its killing spree on January 23, 2012.