eaves trough

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gutter, 1
1. A shallow channel of metal or wood set immediately below and along the eaves of a building to catch and carry off rainwater from the roof. Also see box gutter, concealed gutter, flying gutter, standing gutter, sunk gutter, through gutter. Also called eaves gutter, eaves trough, roof gutter.
2. In electrical wiring, the space provided at the sides, top, or bottom within an electric panel or switchboard to permit the installation of feeder and branch wiring conductors.
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In addition, Barry Homes performs interior renovations, specializing in kitchens, bathrooms and basements; installs soffit, fascia and eaves trough; installs, repairs and re-shingles residential roofs; designs landscapes and builds custom decks and outdoor living spaces; installs thousands of feet of fence every summer for residential and commercial projects as well as large industrial and farm installations.
The tubes can be made out of hard plastic, like an eaves trough, or sheet plastic shaped into flat-bottomed tubes with support wires and clips.