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a product resulting from the vulcanization of rubber with large quantities of sulfur, about 30 to 50 percent per mass of rubber. Ebonites are hard materials and, unlike “soft” rubbers, display no high-elastic properties at ordinary temperatures. They lend themselves readily to mechanical processing, are nonhygroscopic and impermeable to gas, and are resistant to the action of solutions of acids, bases, salts, plant oils, and animal fats. They are decomposed by strong oxidizing agents and by aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Ebonites have a density of 1.15–1.68 g/cm3, a Young’s modulus of 2–3 giganewtons/m2 (20 × 103 to 30 × 103 kilograms-force/cm2), a tensile strength of 52–67 meganewtons/m2 (520–670 kilograms-force/cm2), and a volumetric resistivity of 1–10 teraohm-m (1014–1015 ohm · cm).

Ebonites are used to manufacture electric insulating components of devices and to rubberize various vessels used for corrosive liquids. In many areas of technology, ebonites are being replaced by plastics, which have superior dielectric properties and chemical stability.


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For the purposes of Ebonite International, he knew that differentiating the Columbia 300 brand from other competitors in the marketplace would require refreshing his conceptual understanding of the branding process, brand positioning, and perceived need.
EXHIBIT: NENSCO will display prepress, pressroom, and post-press products including: Polyfibron press blankes, Liquid Gold fountain solutions, environmentally safe USA and Freedom press washes, Ebonite ink drums and rubber rollers, press parts, reel room supply items, ergonomic mailroom handling equipment, Anitec and Agfa products, along with their latest catalogs.
To keep pace with these changing market conditions, engineers at Ebonite International in Hopkinsville, Ky.
Tenders invited for Weir bdk make s-2k series diaphargm valves,pn 16 rating,body : cast iron lined with ebonite,ci bonnet,stem : ss-410,neoprene diaphragm,stem bushing in sg iron,is-1367 4.
Molded and fabricated products of ebonite and soft rubber, as well as hand-made rubber products, are shown, along with vulcanization technology, testing and inspections, measurements and standards.
The morphology of elastomer blends can be studied by ebonite method (24), in which the preferential reaction of one of the rubber phases with sulfur and zinc oxide effects a large increase in its electron density.
Because of his experience with the kinematics and dynamics of rigid body systems, Pennock was hired in the fall of 1991 by bowling ball manufacturer Ebonite International Inc.
Initial efforts utilized ebonite, brass plating, multiple tie coats and polyisocyanates as a bonding method; however, these methods each had their own shortcomings.