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Albert vented his anger on a pile of newspapers, which he sent flying all over the office by switching them violently with his stick; after which ebullition he departed -- not, however, without walking several times to the door of the press-room, as if he had half a mind to enter.
Hepzibah had no natural turn for cookery, and, to say the truth, had fairly incurred her present meagreness by often choosing to go without her dinner rather than be attendant on the rotation of the spit, or ebullition of the pot.
He arose from the blow, adjusted his clothes, and made no attempt at retaliation at all -- merely muttering a few words about "taking summary vengeance at the first convenient opportunity," -- a natural and very justifiable ebullition of anger, which meant nothing, however, and, beyond doubt, was no sooner given vent to than forgotten.
But with a sudden well-assumed ebullition of spirits he drew her toward the dancing-floor, and as they swung around and around in a waltz she pondered on the iron heart of the man who held her in his arms and resisted all her wiles.
'Is that affectionate ebullition intended for my hair, or myself, nurse?' said I, laughingly turning round upon her; but a tear was even now in her eye.
Not that the parting speech caused Amelia to philosophise, or that it armed her in any way with a calmness, the result of argument; but it was intolerably dull, pompous, and tedious; and having the fear of her schoolmistress greatly before her eyes, Miss Sedley did not venture, in her presence, to give way to any ebullitions of private grief.
It is true that in exact proportion as he became manageable by Kit he became utterly ungovernable by anybody else (as if he had determined to keep him in the family at all risks and hazards), and that, even under the guidance of his favourite, he would sometimes perform a great variety of strange freaks and capers, to the extreme discomposure of the old lady's nerves; but as Kit always represented that this was only his fun, or a way he had of showing his attachment to his employers, Mrs Garland gradually suffered herself to be persuaded into the belief, in which she at last became so strongly confirmed, that if, in one of these ebullitions, he had overturned the chaise, she would have been quite satisfied that he did it with the very best intentions.
My father went with me in order to introduce me to the notice of a friend of his; and (all unknown to me) my two elders took the most elaborate precautions against any ebullitions of youth on my part, innocent lad though I was.
Les graines de soja ont ete triees et precuites pendant 15 min dans une casserole d'eau portee a ebullition sur un feu de gaz, puis elle ont ete refroidies dans l'eau, depelliculees et egouttees.
"Grace a la sagesse et a la clairvoyance de Votre Majeste, poursuit par ailleurs le message, Vous avez su epargner a ce pays beni les tourmentes d'un environnement international et arabe en ebullition et avez force l'admiration de tous".
What does seem certain, however, is that within the political framework of each of these societies in ebullition, a new generation of civic actors will have a major part to play in writing the new rules of the game in the Arab world.
"Such volume of water continuously rushing and cascading; misty thick vapour rising fromthe deep whirlpool; mighty streams being engulfed as if disappearing into a cloud; turbulent ebullition underneath and the deafening thundery noise combine to make such a magnificent sight that one cannot really describe it in words."