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a term referring to a universal church, e.g. the Roman Catholic Church, in place of the more generic term CHURCH. See also CHURCH-SECT TYPOLOGY.



the most common name for the popular assembly in ancient Greece. In the Athens of Pericles (mid-fifth century B.C.) and in other democratic poleis, or city-states, the ecclesia was the highest governmental body. It elected officials and exercised legislative, executive, and judicial power. In oligarchic poleis the authority of the ecclesia was limited by other governmental bodies, such as councils and collegia.

In many poleis, the popular assembly was given a special name; the term apella was used in Sparta, the term agora in Delphi and the cities of Thessaly, and the term alia in Argos, Epidaurus, Gela, and Acragas (present-day Agrigento). Writers of late antiquity used the word “ecclesia” to refer to the place where a popular assembly was held.

In Christian writings, “ecclesia” may mean either the community of believers or the church as a whole.

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Onclin le habia pedido el 17 de febrero anterior y que, compuesta de 15 3 folios, llevaba por titulo Introducenda in hire canonico de laicorum notione deque eorum iurihus et officiis in Ecclesia.
Services and Responsibilities: -In Teaching: 1985-1989: Instructor at the Maronite Patriarchal Ecclesia, Ghazir.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in her memory to the Christadelphian Ecclesia (for preaching efforts here and abroad), 218 Greenwood St.
Radio Ecclesia said demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse on Tuesday to protest against the trial, as heavily armed riot police guarded the building.
Essi ebbero, infatti, una precisa configurazione giuridica solo per opera di Pio XII, con la Costituzione apostolica Provida Mater Ecclesia (24) alla quale seguirono il Motu proprio Primo feliciter (25) e l'Istruzione Cum Sanctissimus Dominus (26) emanata dalla Congregazione dei Religiosi, alla cui competenza la Provida Mater affidava i nascenti Istituti.
The free-roaming nature of previous titles is also gone, and instead Konami have split Ecclesia into more traditional levels.
The church is asking for reserved parking spaces for hearses and ceremonial cars arriving for funerals and weddings at its Ecclesia Hall.
Anti-Papal Prejudice is a fascinating historical survey with informative chapters devoted to "Bad Popes"; "The Campaign Against Pius IX"; "Some Other Modern Slanders and Slanderers"; "The Pope Who was a Freemason"; Why Pope Clement XII Condemned Freemasonry"; "On Some Medieval Fables"; "Hildebrand and Matilda of Tuscany"; "Papal Forgeries"; "The Forgeries of Cardinal Vaughan"; "The Popes and the Bible"; "The Extermination of Heretics"; "Groveling to the Pope"; "Papal Rapacity and the Ecclesia Anglicana"; "The Popes in Protestant Tradition"; "Darkening the Shadows"; and "What Prejudice Ignores".
Andrew Pollard Senior from Tipperary was awarded the Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice by Pope Benedict XVI at a ceremony last week.
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In his Ecclesia in Europa (2003), John Paul II warned that Europe was losing its Christian memory and heritage: 'Many Europeans give the impression of living without spiritual roots and somewhat like heirs who have squandered a patrimony entrusted to them by history'.