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a term referring to a universal church, e.g. the Roman Catholic Church, in place of the more generic term CHURCH. See also CHURCH-SECT TYPOLOGY.



the most common name for the popular assembly in ancient Greece. In the Athens of Pericles (mid-fifth century B.C.) and in other democratic poleis, or city-states, the ecclesia was the highest governmental body. It elected officials and exercised legislative, executive, and judicial power. In oligarchic poleis the authority of the ecclesia was limited by other governmental bodies, such as councils and collegia.

In many poleis, the popular assembly was given a special name; the term apella was used in Sparta, the term agora in Delphi and the cities of Thessaly, and the term alia in Argos, Epidaurus, Gela, and Acragas (present-day Agrigento). Writers of late antiquity used the word “ecclesia” to refer to the place where a popular assembly was held.

In Christian writings, “ecclesia” may mean either the community of believers or the church as a whole.

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bishops, at least when it comes to "full support and implementation of Ex Corde Ecclesiae," said Patrick Reilly, executive director of the society.
Still, Kennelly said the present move is "not of much significance" in the conversations over Ex Corde Ecclesiae.
Although Ex Corde Ecclesiae is aimed at Catholic schools worldwide, its primary effect is in the United States, where some 230 Catholic colleges and universities enroll more than 600,000 students--far more than in any other country.
Quod si quis inter apocryphos hunc enumeratum conclamet, nolo quenquam ecclesiae nomine grauari.
The committee, called the Ex Corde Ecclesiae Implementation Committee, is charged with drafting recommendations for the U.
In the same issue of America a visiting teacher at Notre Dame University, Paul Wilkes, makes it seem that Ex Corde Ecclesiae is unnecessary because, according to him, Notre Dame is permeated by Catholicism, most students attend Mass on Sunday, they live in a Catholic atmosphere, and the template for their education is a Catholic template.
El verbo est--cargado inevitablemente con ese sentido excluyente--no permitia reconocer la existencia de elementa Ecclesiae en las Comunidades separadas (pp.
Luego, el Congreso de Universidades Catolicas, en la Casa Central del plantel mencionado, el 2 de septiembre, conmemora los 25 anos de la promulgacion de Ex Corde Ecclesiae, llamando a pensar sobre la mision e identidad de esos planteles y su aporte al servicio de la Verdad y el bien comun.
Willy Onclin, Secretario Adjunto de la Comision Pontificia, que preparase un primer anteproyecto de indole claramente juridica (88), conocido como Prima quaedam adumbratio propositionis Codicis Ecclesiae Fundamentalis (VI-1966) (89).
The name of Pudentiana is even less sure than that of Praxedes: the inscription in the apse mosaic of Santa Pudentiana, Dominus conservator ecclesiae pudentianae (ca.
The lawsuit, sent to Rome, outlined "twenty-three years of scandals and dissidence" at Georgetown University, accusing it of failing to comply with Ex corde ecclesiae, the 1990 Apostolic Constitution for Catholic universities that "demands Church-affiliated institutions of higher learning promote and defend Catholic doctrine" (LifeSiteNews, 14 May 2014).
El spiritus Ecclesiae, que Leon XIII echa de menos en el Ordinal anglicano, es equivalente a la intentio faciendi quod facit Ecclesiae?