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Any member of the Picornaviridae family, genus Enterovirus; the name is derived from the group designation enteric cytopathogenic human orphan virus.



(acronym for enteric cytopathogenic human orphan virus), a minute virus containing one strand of RNA and lacking an outer protein layer. An orphan virus is a virus detected under laboratory conditions but not associated with any known disease. However, it has been found that this is not true of echovirus. Echovirus belongs to the genus Enterovirus of the family Picornavirus. Many of the more than 30 serotypes live in the human intestine without causing any symptoms of disease. Some, however, are the causative agents of aseptic meningitis, gastroenteritis, and respiratory diseases.

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The Reoviridae family began in 1959 when Albert Sabin reclassified an echovirus group (echo is an acronym for enteric cytopathic human orphan), a group of viruses not known to cause any human disease.
El patron de infeccion observado durante esta epidemia puede corresponder al de virus conocidos, como los arbovirus o los virus influenza, parainfluenza, adenovirus, echovirus, coxsackie, enterovirus, herpesvirus, entre otros, pero con mayor impacto a nivel del sistema nervioso central (SNC), durante esta epidemia.
From 1970 through 2000, echovirus 13 (E13) accounted for only 74 of about 46,000 (less than 1%) enterovirus isolates reported to the CDC, and prior to 2000 it had been reported only in association with sporadic illness.
In particular, echovirus type 13 -- which has not been reported in Japan in the past 20 years -- was detected, the institute said.
Selenium-deficient mice had more heart damage from the echovirus and the B1 coxsackievirus than the animals getting ample selenium.
Judging from their size and shape, the cells containing fragments of echovirus RNA in the new study were clearly neurons, says study coauthor Martina M.
com/research/xx4j26/future_horizons) has announced the addition of the "Future Horizons in the Global Echovirus Diagnostic Market: US, Europe, Japan Test Volume, Sales Forecasts and Supplier Shares by Country" report to their offering.
A patient with the rare immunodeficiency disorder dedicator of cytokinesis 8 deficiency (DOCK8 deficiency, or hyper IgE syndrome) excreted echovirus 13 in the first fecal sample, and another patient with the rare immunodeficiency disorder B cell expansion with NF-kB and T cell anergy (BENTA) disease excreted echovirus 5 in the first fecal sample.
17) The best known members of the genus Enterovirus are PV, EV7, CV, and echovirus.
Serologic studies for echovirus, coxsackievirus B, parvovirus B19, adenovirus, and human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) all came back negative.
Echovirus testing was performed at the California Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory.
Echovirus type 4 as a probable cause of meningitis associated with bilateral optic neuritis: a case report.