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1. Mountaineering any of various devices such as piton or nut when used as a direct help in the ascent
2. (in medieval Europe; in England after 1066) a feudal payment made to the king or any lord by his vassals, usually on certain occasions such as the marriage of a daughter or the knighting of an eldest son


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However, in talks with the US administration, we have received assurances that economic aid to Pakistan would not be affected by the current tensions.
The trip to Washington, the first of Youssef Chahed as Prime Minister comes at a time when the new budget of the Trump administration for the financial year 2018 provides a significant reduction in military and economic aid to Tunisia.
The mechanism came upon a request Jordan had made to the president of the World Bank and donor nations in April 2015, bringing the total US aid to Jordan to $812 million in 2016, with an increase of $212 million of the rental value of economic aid set forth in a Memorandum of Understanding that governs the US aid to Jordan during 2015-2017.
If military aid reduces uncertainty, a boost to capital or total factor productivity from the simultaneous provision of economic aid may encourage private investment.
military and economic aid for decades because its 1979 peace treaty with U.
The study explores that beginning with a modest amount in the early 1950s, US economic aid to Israel increased substantially in the late 1960s and 70s.
The EU earlier promised Israel and the Palestinians better access to European markets and "unprecedented" political and economic aid as an incentive to push them into resolving their conflict, Reuters reported.
An Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Thursday criticized a decision by the United States to halt some military and economic aid to the army-backed government.
China, described as alone in holding leverage over North Korea, is a source of food, energy and other economic aid.
Economic aid helps countries transition to multiparty systems but it is democracy aid which is more likely to encourage consolidation.
For the first time since former president Hosni Mubarak's resignation, fewer than six in 10 Egyptians say they favor economic aid from fellow Arab governments in the region.
New Delhi/Kolkata, Feb 6 ( ANI ): Leaders of various political parties have condemned the British government's decision to impose conditional economic aid to India.

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