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Dilation, especially of a hollow organ.



limited dilatation of the lumen of a hollow organ or blood vessel. Ectasia may be congenital, as in the case of bronchiectasis and telangiectasia. However, the condition occurs more often as a result of stenosis, above which the lumen of a hollow organ dilates. It is treated by surgery.

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They include lesions associated with ectatic lymphatics (lymphangioma-like and lymphangiectactic KS) and those that have an accumulation of superficial dermal oedema (bullous KS).
Keratoconus is an ectatic corneal disorder characterized by progressive localized thinning and protrusion of the cornea, resulting in irregular astigmatism and decreased vision.
However, the characteristic features of PHAT, such as ectatic hyalinized blood vessels and abundant hemosiderin deposition, are absent in superficial [CD34.
These data suggest that ethnic background significantly influences the incidence and the severity of keratoconus, since the Asian subjects present at a significantly younger age than Caucasian subjects and also appear to suffer from a more severe form of the ectatic disease.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the pelvis demonstrated a dilated right ureter ectopically draining into a multiloculated cystic mass representing an ectatic right seminal vesicle (Figure 2).
Advanced or progressive corneal ectatic disease, for example, keratoconus
Fusiform aneurysm of basilar artery and ectatic internal carotid arteries associated with glycogenosis type 2(Pompe's disease).
The cause of Meyerson phenomenon in PWS is not known despite several hypotheses, including a proinflammatory environment in the setting of ectatic postcapillary vessels (2, 5, 7) or possible genetic mosaicism underlying nevi (5).
Histopathologic examination of skin lesions revealed vascular tissue with tortuous, blood- filled ectatic vessels, lined by a single layer of endothelium, with surrounding thin connective tissue.
Although the histopathological examinations of ectatic vessels have revealed similar findings as seen in atherosclerosis (30) it is not known exactly why connective tissue disorders (31, 32), infections (33), and Kawasaki (34) disease are related with CAE (35, 36).
Following dissection of the posterior peritoneum, the three ectatic dural sacs were clearly visible.
Patients with diseased coronary artery segment (it could underestimate the coronary vessel diameter) ; Radio Contrast allergy (dangerous for patient); Ectatic vessels (it might overestimate the real diameter of coronary artery);