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A parasite that lives on the exterior of its host.
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a parasitic organism that lives on the surface of the body of the host. Ectoparasites make up the largest group of organisms that live on the surface of other organisms. Some ectoparasites are permanently attached to the host, such as copepods living on the skin and gills of fish. However, most move along the host’s body, for example, Urcelariidae and monogenetic flatworms, which parasitize fish, and lice and bird lice, which parasitize birds and occasionally mammals. Various and frequently complex organs of attachment, such as suckers, suction disks, and hooks, are the principal means by which they adapt to existence on the host.

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Experimental trials have shown that these biological agents can prove promising in clinical cases of ectoparasitism, when standardized for commercial formulations
alfreddugesi, its large variety of hosts, and their medical importance with respect to humans, it is important to document the biological and ecological relationships of ectoparasitism by this mite on the herpetofauna of this region.
Differential diagnoses include the previously mentioned predisposing factors, as well as ectoparasitism (e.g.
Such levels of ectoparasitism are realistic in a rural habitat; for example, in 1 night in our study in Gologolo, a basic light trap caught 26 fleas in a single room.
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