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The ejection of solid, liquid, or gaseous material from a volcano.

What does it mean when you dream about an eruption?

An eruption, such as a volcanic eruption, usually indicates the forceful breakthrough of unconscious material—repressed thoughts or urges—into consciousness. More generally, an eruption may indicate an upheaval in one’s life.

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This report shows that MTA can be used in a non-surgical approach for the treatment of external resorption caused by ectopic eruption of an adjacent tooth complicated by luxation injury.
Resorption of incisors after ectopic eruption of maxillary canines: a CT study.
First molar ectopic eruption seems to be a separate pathological entity compared with all the other dental anomalies examined (Baccetti & Tollaro).
023 numerous teeth Upper canine ectopic eruption First molar X 0.
Ectopic eruption of first permanent molars (FPM) represents an interesting local disturbance in eruptive behaviour.
It is therefore considered that should a molar fail to erupt then a diagnosis of irreversible ectopic eruption can normally be made by this age [Bjerklin and Kurol, 1981, 1983].
Ectopic eruption of the maxillary FPM molar has a reported prevalence of between 1.
11,18) Despite the occurrence of severe ectopic eruption in the present case, developmental disturbances such as discoloration, hypoplasia, crown or root dilaceration or root angulation were not observed in the affected permanent incisor.
Tooth agenesis and ectopic eruption were frequently found in class I malocclusion.
These cases suggest that ectopic eruption of teeth should be added to the differential diagnosis of NLDO.
In present study, the most common site was the buccal/labial ectopic eruption, 38 out of 41 (93%), followed by palatal impaction, 2, (5%) and the lingually erupted aberrant canines, 1 (2%).
Ectopic eruption should not be underestimated by our dental professionals at any cost, as it can impact and undermine not only the health and integrity of neighboring dentitions but can also create havoc for smooth functioning of the other vital structures located in the closer vicinity of this tooth.