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term designating commercial complexes that have grown up on the margins of large American cities, a development that dates mainly from the 1970s. The term was coined by Joel Garreau in his book Edge City: Life on the New Frontier (1991). Sometimes called "technoburbs," edge cities typically develop at the intersection of major highways and feature the amenities that serve large suburban populations in such locations—shopping malls, entertainment centers, hospitals, schools, regional airports, and the like. These settings have proved attractive to businesses for corporate headquarters, which are often sited on appealingly sylvan "campuses," and for office buildings that can house smaller companies. With convenient access and pleasant surroundings, edge cities avoid many inner-city problems. However, critics have noted in them marked class segregation and a diminished sense of community as well as, increasingly, such traditional urban ills as congestion and crime. Representative edge cities include Tysons Corner, Va., Edison Township, N.J., IrvineIrvine
, city (1990 pop. 110,330), Orange co., SW Calif.; inc. 1971. Its industries include the research and development of high-technology electronics, especially computer products, and the manufacture of motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, aerospace vehicles and aircraft parts,
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, Calif., and PlanoPlano
, city (1990 pop. 128,713), Collin co., N Tex., less than 20 mi (32 km) NE of Dallas; inc. 1873. In a farm and livestock area on the blackland prairie, Plano is a booming financial and commercial center, with headquarters of many large national corporations.
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, Tex.


See study by J. Garreau (1991).

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Visitors to the pub can also grab to-go bomber bottles of Edge City beers, some of which appear on shelves in the Colorado Springs area.
Edge City is as much a celebration of the marketplace as it is a prediction of what 21st-century American cities will look like - provided government doesn't try to keep them in the 19th century.
In this context, Teaford attempts to strengthen our understanding of Edge City government while offering greater historical depth.
In Edge City (New York: Anchor Books, 1992) Garreau describes the emergence of historically unique cities on the edge of urban landscapes.
American journalist Joel Garreau coined the phrase "edge city" in his book of the same name - Edge City.
Garreau defines an edge city with two key varibles: (1) at least 5 million square feet (465,000 square meters) of leasable office space, and (2) at least 600 thousand [ft.
Located just north of Indianapolis in Hamilton County, Carmel is a dynamic edge city with award-winning schools, thriving businesses and family-oriented neighborhoods.
com also boasts a fully curated events calendar highlighting the very best of the Bayou City's dynamic landscape of social, arts, sports, and civic functions; and a cutting edge city guide that serves as the ultimate insider resource for the very best in dining, drinks, museums and much, much more.
com price Coventry at 12/5 to win when kicking off with a one goal deficit and Bet365 rate Clinton Morrison a 7/4 shot to find the net at any time; unlike September's duel, one could be enough to secure maximum points and edge City a little further away from any potential trouble.
CUTTING EDGE City strike force Peter Thorne; left, and Robert Earnshaw
The edge city model posits that firms placed on a circle or an infinite line want to be near one another, because there are likely to be more customers and suppliers available in crowded locations, but they want to be apart from each other to reduce competition for inputs and customers.
Revenge of The Mask'' calls for the mask to be split in two and follow Stanley Ipkiss around Edge City.