edge device

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edge device

(1) Any server or other networking device that is located closer to the client machines rather than being in the backbone of the network. For example, a cache server is an edge device that sits inside the firewall and holds frequently requested pages. See cache server and edge router.

(2) A network device used to convert LAN frames (Ethernet, etc.) to ATM cells and vice versa. It is typically a switching device with one ATM port and multiple LAN ports. To legacy stations, ports on an edge device look like a router port.

Under MPOA (Multiprotocol Over ATM), the edge device queries a route server for address resolution when the destination station is outside of its attached LANs. It sets up a switched virtual circuit (SVC) in the ATM network, maps LAN frames into ATM frames and forwards the traffic to the ATM backbone. Thus, the edge device performs functions usually associated with a router and becomes a major component in a LAN environment with an ATM backbone.

Edge Device
This diagram shows how an edge device interfaces into an ATM network. It converts ATM cells into LAN frames and vice versa. This example depicts an Ethernet edge device, but edge devices exist for Token Ring and FDDI LANs as well.
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- 35% of SMBs already use edge computing and 56% prefer cloud print management services used with an edge device in place.
Embedded on the edge device, the InnoAGE SSD will collect data and give commands for multifunction management through the cloud, such as error correction, updates, data analysis, AES encryption.
The new Savanna Data Services make intelligent edge device data including third-party data services available via application programming interfaces (APIs) to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), software developers and business innovators.
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Customers also have the option to self-install the SD-WAN Cloud Connect "virtual edge" device on a server at their CSP, or engage the WE Professional Services team to spin-up their edge device. Once the install is complete, WE activates the "virtual edge" device and it becomes part of the customer's network, with WE providing management of that location as part of a fully-managed solution.
All customers need to do is connect the edge device to the network.
"The versatile ICO120-83D can be used in various industries such as smart factory, smart building and smart energy for complete connectivity to any edge device. It is designed to deliver great value to our customers," said Gordon Cho, a product manager of the Embedded Computer Division at Axiomtek.
The Ethernet Over Coax Extenders are used in pairs, with a local (EOCPSE4020-110) and remote (EOCPD4020-110) device placed at opposite ends of a 75-ohm coax cable and is capable of delivering a full 25 Watts of power to the edge device at near Gigabit speed.
It's worth mentioning that every official Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge device will include Galaxy Entertainer app, which provides over 1,000 buy 1 get 1 free coupons that provides wide access to several global hotspots including luxury hotels, cafes, premium spas, amusement parks, golf clubs and much more.
To organize network access to mechatronic (or electronic) device using "driver concept" such device must be an edge device. In this work, an edge device is a set of hardware and software that make up the control system of mechatronic device as a part of robotic systems that allow it to perform a full range of functions of "Internet laboratory" API including the ability to dynamically re-programming the control system.
Upon achieving success in clinical trials, the company's cutting edge device will be used as the final step in bringing high quality, clinical grade PLX cell products to patients around the globe.