edge strip

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edge molding, edging, edge strip

Any molding on the edge of a door, counter, or other relatively thin member.
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210 litre - 3500 Nos & 100 litre - 4000 Nos: Edge strip -100000 Nos: Anhydrous sodium carbonate Purity 99% 1080 MT; 5x Clear Ground Glue - 24 MT; ISO Propyl Alcohol, 99.
Approx 1065 m2 safety strip gravel roofs / roof edge strip of gravel terraces
With its 76-millimeter disc and a maximum cutting depth of 16 millimeters, it reliably cuts cable ducts, threaded rods and edge strips for tiles, as well as tiles and tile grouts, pipes, hollow profiles and even perforated bricks and parquet flooring.
It is due to the complicated nature of the machinery-there are a lot of factors at work in applying edge strips to boards.
Applications include profiled shapes in singles or multiples, as well as flat sheet or strips for belt edge strips or veneer cover on white sidewall tire applications.
To defeat sagging floor to purge unstable materials, conduct excavations of the site gabions, gabions and build their webs rear anchor, fill the rear part gabion materials by the project aims to contribution, making the body floor coated with a bilayer, paint the edge strips.