edge tool

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edge tool, edged tool

Any tool having a sharp cutting edge, such as a plane or chisel.
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Table 14: World 15-Year Perspective for Edge Tools by
Service Tools, Edge Tools, Hand Saws, and Miscellaneous Hand
As a result, users of the Nucleus PLUS RTOS and EDGE tools can develop i.
MX31 Nucleus RTOS and enhanced EDGE tools, in combination with Eclipse, is an excellent use of proprietary and open source technology, creating a solid set of integrated and validated tools for i.
The more you use the EDGE tools, the more you appreciate their depth.
Licenses for the complete EDGE Tools software package begin at U.
This release of the EDGE Tool Suite gives our users what they have been asking for: more performance and ease-of-use.
Accelerated Technology's EDGE tool chain is a great example of how Eclipse can be used in a commercial environment.
We are passionate about enabling creative people to do anything they can imagine with Web technologies, which is why we re contributing to the Web platform and making the Edge Tools & Services available for free, including the first release of Edge Animate.
Edge Tools & Services complement Adobe Dreamweaver[R] CS6, the market leading tool for all-in-one website production, which today received a subscription update that adds support for Edge Animate, new HTML5 tags and other new features.
Adobe Edge Tools & Services are available immediately as part of Adobe Creative Cloud free and paid memberships.
Table 11: World Historic Review for Edge Tools by Geographic