edge tool

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edge tool, edged tool

Any tool having a sharp cutting edge, such as a plane or chisel.
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This continues our strong, existing relationship with Powerchip for both leading edge tools and non-critical layer lithography.
Licenses for the Nucleus RTOS software begin at $12,495 and licenses for the EDGE Tool Suite begin at U.
We are happy the EDGE tools now support the ColdFire family and excited that ColdFire developers will now be able to take advantage of this great development environment.
According to Synchromesh Computing's testing and validation program, the EDGE Tool Suite scored above average on all categories tested including out-of-the-box experience (market readiness), documentation, functionality and system interoperability.
The EDGE Profiler software, part of the EDGE Tool Suite, has previously used a serial interface to move collected data from the target to the host for analysis.
During the keynote session, hosted by chief technology officer Kevin Lynch, Adobe introduced Edge Tools & Services and announced immediate availability of Adobe Edge Animate 1.
NAI offices have access to cutting edge tools and resources to respond to the needs of clients locally and globally.
The creation of the Database Zone illustrates our continued commitment to providing the crucial information and cutting- edge tools corporate IT developers need to lead technology innovation.
We are passionate about enabling creative people to do anything they can imagine with Web technologies, which is why we're contributing to the Web platform and making the Edge Tools & Services available for free, including the first release of Edge Animate.