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edge tool, edged tool

Any tool having a sharp cutting edge, such as a plane or chisel.
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The EDGE Tool Suite, based on the Eclipse platform, provides a set of plug-ins to Eclipse.
Licenses for the Nucleus RTOS software begin at $12,495 and licenses for the EDGE Tool Suite begin at U.
Licenses for the complete EDGE Tools software package begin at U.
Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced that Synchromesh Computing has validated the EDGE Tool Suite on the Freescale Semiconductor i.
According to Synchromesh Computing's testing and validation program, the EDGE Tool Suite scored above average on all categories tested including out-of-the-box experience (market readiness), documentation, functionality and system interoperability.
1 introduces various enhancements to its framework, most notably improved operation performance, of which EDGE Tool Suite users can now take advantage.
The EDGE Profiler software, part of the EDGE Tool Suite, has previously used a serial interface to move collected data from the target to the host for analysis.
This release of the EDGE Tool Suite gives our users what they have been asking for: more performance and ease-of-use.