edging strip

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edging, 2
1. Edge molding.
2. A plain or molded strip of metal, wood, or other material used to protect edges of a panel or hide the laminations as in plywood or roof sheathing; an edging strip.
3. In concrete finishing, the process of rounding the exposed edges of slabs to reduce the possibility of chipping or spalling.
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You can buy corrugated edging strips in most good garden centres.
To fit edging strips, use Evo-Stick adhesive and glue both edges, leave to dry slightly, then press together.
Bark constituted 15 percent, sawdust 14 percent, and chippable residues such as slabs and edging strips were 14 percent.
The green dimensioning concept for the production of clear parts from green stock has the potential to enhance resource utilization by using low-grade logs and lumber as well as clear parts from mill residues such as slabs, edging strips, and end trimmings [5,6,8,21].
Slabs and edging strips constituted 14 percent of the total log weight and sawdust constituted another 14 percent.
For edging, you can either use concrete edging strips, decorative rope edging, or, relatively cheap, a line of bricks cemented along the edge.
Use a clean sheet of greaseproof paper to protect the edging strips while you're ironing them on, and work with the iron on the hottest setting