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1. Films
a. a person who makes a selection and arrangement of individual shots in order to construct the flowing sequence of images for a film
b. a device for editing film, including a viewer and a splicer
2. a computer program that facilitates the deletion or insertion of data within information already stored in a computer
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A program used to edit a document.

Different types of document have different editors, e.g. a text editor for text files, an image editor for images, an HTML editor for web pages, etc. The term can be used for pretty much any kind of data modification, e.g. a disk sector editor which operates directly on the hard disk, bypassing the filesystem.
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A utility program that connects a compiled or assembled program to a particular environment. Also known as a "link editor," the linker unites references between program modules and libraries of subroutines. Its output is a load module, which is executable code ready to run in the computer. See executable code and bind.

text editor

Software used to create and edit files that contain only text; for example, batch files, address lists and source language programs. Text editors produce raw ASCII or EBCDIC text files, and unlike word processors, they may not support formatting (word wrap, fonts, bold, italic, etc.).

Editors that are part of a development environment are designed for writing source code and provide automatic indention and multiple windows into the same file. They also display reserved words of a particular programming language in bold or in a different typeface, and any of these layout codes that are embedded in the file are bypassed when the program is compiled. See source code editor and hex editor.
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On a side note, our cover art archival work revealed the editorships of the journal, reminding us that we stand on the shoulders of giants.
Bob switched to the editorship of the Sunday Mirror in 1972 and held the post for 12 years.
The Archabbey of Beuron began to publish its edition of the "remains of the Old Latin Bible" in 1949, under the editorship of Bonifatius Fischer: the series (and the associated monograph series) has moved slowly under the succeeding editorships of Hermann Josef Frede and Roger Gryson.
Pam Johnson and Pam Luecke leave top editorships for the classroom.
I remember each as having a surplus of the talents--moral alertness, low tolerance for cant, follow-up questioning skills--that wouldn't land them editorships on the law review but would keep them committed to careers of restorative justice.